Stadium Club
You know Stadium Club is a great place to live, so why not share the love with some friends? How often do you get to earn some serious coin, just for helping out friends in finding some good housing?

So, what's "serious coin"? How about $300! Yes, that's right, $300 is yours if you help us fill a Stadium Club apartment.

They win, you win and we win. Everyone is happy. Sounds worth it to us.

Just fill out the form below with contact info so we can reach your friend. We will only use this info to connect with your friends about living here.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions, or need more details.

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Don't forget to tell us who made this referral! If we don't know who you are, we can't thank you.
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1.       This promotion may be discontinued at any time.   Promotion applicable to leases signed for the current or next academic year only.
2.       Referral fees are payable forty five (45) days after move-in date of the lessee(s).  Not applicable to rent or security deposit.
3.       Management must receive and confirm receipt of referee names and contact information prior to signature on the lease.  Retroactive referrals do not qualify.
4.       Limit of one (1) $300 referral bonus per signed lease.  If more than one current resident refers same person OR if two or more referees sign one lease and live in one apartment, only the first referral (as determined by submission to management via website form) qualifies for a bonus. 
5.       In the event of an unforeseen discrepancy or circumstances, the management reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at anytime without notice or to refer the dispute for mediation.
6.       Got it? Good. Now, fill out a form, let your friends in on this place, and get a seriously nice reward!

By clicking the Submit button I agree to abide to the rules of this promotion and any decision made by ND Stadium Club LLC